Meaning of Politics to People

November 14, 2014 admin 0 Comments


Politics-a word disgusted by most of the common people. For an average person, politics is a very good synonym to secret corruption,  money laundering,misuse of power and other practices.Politics has earned a bad name with it’s own activities.As a result now even the honest leaders are suspected by average people. Elections happen at the same time always and leaders change like always but the change which people expect could be started by leaders or not.He can bring havoc or prosper to the community.

Starting from the elections, candidates talk attractively and swiftly  about their own individual plans to prove himself the best. They give speeches, run rallies, raise funds and waste  money and time to get the authoritarian power. Their real objective can be identified after some time of election.But not everyone is same.Good leaders were among us although very small in numbers.

So the next time you go to visit a political conference think for yourself once,why you are here and what is your role in all this.

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