3 Points To Look for Before Voting A Candidate

November 14, 2014 admin 0 Comments

vote-buttonWhen you want to vote for someone let it be president or your state governor you always need to do keep in mind some points .Let’s remind you of those.

1.Listen to the speech of the candidate thoroughly:When you listen to a candidates speech.Don’t just listen but try to understand the deep meaning.Like if he can really do what he is saying,was it tried before and done,if not why.Ask these questions to yourself.

2.Background check:Before you vote for someone always do a background check.You can start from searching online.Check his previous records about his works and other activities.Small details could make up a big picture in making the decision.

3.Evaluate him:Ask him questions in conference when he takes questions from people.Don’t hesitate to go into specific details.If he can’t explain to you than it’s unlikely he can do something big for all the people.


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